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The TV commercial features a group of Shell Helix experts assembling a completely see-through car, constructed from over 2,000 handmade parts. In real life, the transparent model took 14 weeks to build and was designed with painstaking accuracy to be an exact working replica of a motor vehicle. The see-through car body and motor were created to best demonstrate the benefit of the oil as it works its way through the engine, with only the tyres and the spark plugs being opaque.

In the commercial, the car is brought to life when the ignition is started. We then see the lubricant’s journey through the transparent car engine, revealing Shell Helix in action like never before.

Leila Prati, Shell Helix Global Brand Manager, said, “The Shell Helix communication platform remains focused on the outstanding cleansing power of Shell Helix. Inspired by beautiful sports cars, we worked with very talented professionals to build a completely see-through car to demonstrate how Shell Helix works inside an engine to cleanse and protect it.”

Shell Helix Ultra is five times more effective than a regular mineral oil at removing sludge from dirty engines, and is designed to reduce daily wear and tear – helping engines last longer.

To find out how the Shell Helix Crystal Car commercial was made you can watch the “Behind the scenes” video on Shell's YouTube Channel

Source: Shell Helix Crystal Car press release