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Crystal car engine display

Learn how Shell Helix engine oils work and their importance when maintaining a healthy car. See how easy it is to check your oil, and then explore our FAQ section for our expert help, including advice on car engine oil types.

How car motor oil works

Inside your car engine

The main function of motor engine oils is to lubricate the car engine parts. See how Shell Helix oil works inside your engine.

Maintaining your engine

Use this car engine oil guide to unlock our knowledge on checking and changing your oil, and maintaining your battery. You can also discover what sights, sounds and smells to look out for with your car.

Questions answered and popular myths dispelled

As well as sharing some quick tips, Shell’s technical experts have answered your questions about Shell Helix engine oil.

Synthetic engine oil

Synthetic base oils have better properties and give enhanced performance compared to mineral oils. Find out why.