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Future fuels - our investment in fuel innovation

Our investment in future fuels

Our passion for delivering smarter mobility is what drives us to constantly innovate across our product range, to ensure that we always meet your future fuel needs. We’ve been supplying biofuels for over 30 years, and our experience and investment in this area has been key to its development. But it doesn’t stop there, read more to learn how we develop alternative fuels for the future.



Biofuels are made from biomass and they can produce less CO2 than conventional fuels. As one of the largest suppliers of biofuel we’re championing the development of an internationally recognized standard for a biofuels supply chain.



GTL fuel is colourless, odourless and virtually sulphur-free. It has the potential to improve air quality and could offer a genuine solution for cutting transport emissions.

Future fuels development at Shell