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We are working to deliver cleaner burning and more efficient fuels. Our products and services are also designed to meet the needs of businesses.

On the road


Shell is in the business of making better fuels for your vehicle. Find out which of Shell's products suit your needs best.

Shell Lubricants

Shell is a world leader in developing high-quality engine oils and lubricants for all vehicles.

Shop and Services

Our network offers you friendly service, a range of quality Shell fuels, special promotions and convenience shopping.


Shell supplies a vast range of industrial lubricants to all types of industries.

Shell Marine

Shell is the leading supplier of Marine fuels, lubricants and services throughout the world.

Shell Chemicals

Find out Shell Chemicals' product index, locations and Sale Contact Finder.

Mr. Flintkote

Meet Mr. Flintkote. He is ready to provide you information about our waterproofing products, Shell Flintkote.


We offer asphalt cement, asphalt emulsion and cutback for pavement construction and maintenance.


You never know where your next load will take you. So don’t take chances with your engine.

Technical Services

Shell's team of dedicated and experienced Technical Service Engineers can provide technical services for your business.