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Listening to our people

We value communication and consultation with our employees, directly or via staff councils or recognised trade unions.

We encourage our staff to report their views about our processes and practices safely and confidentially to managers or Human Resources staff. Our global telephone helpline and website enable employees to report breaches of our Code of Conduct and the Shell General Business Principles, confidentially and anonymously.

Diversity and inclusion

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A diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment are vital to our success and are aligned with our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people.

The varied skills and experience of people from different cultures, gender and ages benefits our business, helping us to better understand our customers across the world and to build stronger relationships at a local level. Our focus on diversity and inclusion also means customers, employees and partners choose us more often.

Rewards & benefits

Our competitive salaries reflect the market conditions of the country where employees are based and the high level of skill and experience required. We recognise and reward individual achievement through performance-related pay and bonuses, and the benefits we offer typically include pension/retirement plans and healthcare coverage.

We arrange flexible working practices wherever necessary and possible, and we give competitive levels of annual leave entitlements and maternity/paternity leave. We also accommodate career breaks and sabbaticals if possible and our employees are encouraged to participate in social responsibility projects, employee interest groups and campus recruitment.

Career progression

We provide our staff with professional training and development programmes and support, and we offer leadership programmes. Working in international environments or abroad allows our staff new insights and knowledge. We encourage creativity and innovative thinking and we give employees the opportunity to face new challenges to take on increased responsibility.

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