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Press Releases 2010

Shell launches premium grade gasohol, Shell V-Power Gasohol 95, for drivers looking for power and affordable prices

Bangkok, 24th March 2010 : The Shell Company of Thailand is launching the latest product in the V-Power family – Shell V-Power Gasohol 95, a premium grade gasohol, bringing racing fuel to the road for greater engine performance and faster acceleration. Shell V-Power Gasohol 95 is expected to take 100% share of the premium gasohol market, resulting in a 3% increase in the benzene market share for Shell, which is equivalent to 20 million litres per month.

As customers’ needs for gasohol increase, as can be seen by the rise in gasohol consumption to 70% of the overall benzene market, Shell sees this as an opportunity to respond to this changing need and at the same time supporting the Government’s programme to develop alternative energy in Thailand. It is to these ends that Shell is launching its premium grade gasohol, Shell V-Power Gasohol 95. This advanced fuel technology has been developed in conjunction with Ferrari, and will be distributed in place of Shell V-Power Benzene.

Khun Pissawan Achanapornkul, Country Chairperson of The Shell Company of Thailand said, “We are very proud to be the  fourth country after the United States of America, Brazil, and the Philippines to introduce premium grade gasohol, Shell V-Power Gasohol 95, to Thai consumers so that they can experience the power of this fuel”.
This exclusive Shell V-Power Gasohol 95 formula will keep the engine clean so that it works more efficiently, prevents power-robbing deposits forming on the valves and injection systems, and cleans up existing deposits to help enhance the responsiveness of the engine for a quieter ride.  Moreover, it is cheaper than Benzene 91 and Benzene 95 by Baht 0.70 and 6.70 Baht per litre respectively, and is only Baht 2.90 per litre more expensive than the average gasohol, making it an appealing alternative.
Shell V-Power Gasohol  95 will be available up-country from March onwards, then rolled out in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, and will be available at all 360 Shell fuel stations nationwide by May.  Shell will be spending a total of Baht 50 million in promotional activities to increase its share of the benzene fuel market by 3%, from 13% to 16% which is equivalent to 20 million litres, as well as to have 100% market share of the premium gasohol market.
Shell remains the market leader in the premium fuel sector in Thailand and in Asia, achieving highest sales volume of Shell V-Power fuel in Thailand which is the biggest market in Asia.  This launch of Shell V-Power Gasohol 95 reiterates the confidence that Thai consumers have in Shell’s premium grade fuel.