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Si yng and tanya laughing

Tan Si Yng said one of the highlights of the Shell Graduate Programme was having a mentor who played a key part in her learning experience. “The relationship has made such a difference”, she said.

“Shell has been an exciting and friendly journey from day one!” Tan Si Yng, who started in the Shell Graduate Programme in mid-2010, is keen to say this is no exaggeration. “When I got the call from Shell HR, I was just so excited,” Si Yng said. “The call was so prompt: the evening of my Shell Recruitment Day. I told my family first. We were all excited and happy.

“From day one at Shell I was welcomed warmly. It’s a friendly place to work; I enjoy working with the people and different teams in Shell. From the start, Shell outlined opportunities for me to gain professional experience in different parts of the business. That too has been brilliant.”

Si Yng reading a book

Based in Singapore and currently working in Shell’s Finance department, Si Yng holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours from the National University of Singapore.

Si Yng’s current role with Shell is as Downstream Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Global Business Performance Analyst.

“As part of my role, I monitor commercial and financial processes at the heart of our LNG business globally. The ‘Downstream’ part of my title refers to the ways Shell transforms natural gas, for example, into products for sale, like LNG, to our retail and commercial customers.

This diversity is stimulating and eye-opening.

si yng and tanya having food

“Since joining Shell I’ve worked in four different business areas undertaking at least four different roles and worked on a number of exciting projects. This included Shell Asia-Pacific Middle East Marine Products, Singapore Supply and Distribution and Asia Pacific Chemical Solvents. This diversity is stimulating and eye-opening. I’ve learned so much about myself as a professional.”

“Having a mentor is a key part of my learning; the relationship has made such a difference. It’s one of the many highlights of Shell’s Graduate Programme.”

Si Yng’s mentor, Tanya Lam, is also based in Singapore. With a Masters in Finance from Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, Tanya’s current role is Finance Continuous Improvement Manager. She has been with Shell for 12 years.

Si Yng describes the mentor/mentee relationship with Tanya, as “a comfortable one”. “I’ve known Tanya since I joined; I always look forward to our meetings. We discuss work of course but also chat about our lives outside work – like her children and places to eat. She is such a strong, capable and independent person and so professional. She’s a role model in how she grows in her various roles and develops professionally at Shell.

“I’ve learned so much from Tanya. She gives me advice before I even know I need it. She always keeps an open mind.”

Open mindedness is a quality which Si Yng believes is vital for anyone interested in applying to the Shell Graduate Programme. “The demand for energy globally is growing and changing. Shell needs people who are open minded to new challenges: graduates who will help Shell innovate. Their challenge is to create new technologies for Shell to find more affordable, cleaner and safer energy.

“The world needs that energy: Asia especially.”